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Paarellam Paranjothi - Souvenir 2015

பாரெல்லாம் பரஞ்ஜோதி - விழா மலர் 2015

This souvenir 2015 released on the occasion of the International conference of disciples of Jegath Maha Guru Paranjothi Mahan spread over the world under the banner of PAARELLAM PARANJOTHI (see everything as the manifestation of the Almighty Paranjothi) held at Erode under the divine leadership of Gnanathanthai Paranjothi Gnanaoli Mahan. It traces the history of Paranjothi Gnanaoli Peedam and Paranjothi Gnanaoli Yagna Peedam, celebration of five great Vizhas, photos of Advanced meditation courses conducted since 1982, rare photos of the two Mahans and their life history besides the explicit articles on various spiritual topics. It is a treasure to be possessed by every member of Paranjothi family.

Thelivu Guruvin Thiruvarthai Kettal - Volume 2

தெளிவு குருவின் திருவார்த்தை கேட்டல் - தொகுப்பு 2

This book is a compilation of clear answers and descriptive explanations with simple examples lucidly given by Gnanathanthai Paranjothi Gnanaoli Mahan to 211 questions and doubts put forth by His disciples and the public on various occasions. His vivid and explicit answers throw light to remove ignorance as doubt clearance is an essential step for spiritual advancement.

Evolution of Eternity

எவொலுஷன் ஆப் எட்டர்னிட்டி

The book Evolution of Eternity is the English translation of the descriptive explanations on the Jegath Maha Guru Paranjothi Mahan's 20 Principles of evolution of I- God, provided vividly by Gnanathanthai Paranjothi Gnanaoli Mahan in His Tamil book "Naan Kadavul Enun Agandagara Thathuvam", released during the International conference - "Omnipresent Paranjothi". It can be said that this book, a treasure of wisdom is an extract of Vedas and Religions.

Thelivu Guruvin Thiruvarthai Kettal - Volume 1

தெளிவு குருவின் திருவார்த்தை கேட்டல் - தொகுப்பு 1

This book is a compilation of various questions by our fellow disciples for which Paranjothi Gnanaoli Mahan has given a simple and clear explantions with examples out of his own experience.

Thirukkural - Arathupaal, Porutpaal - A book commentary

திருக்குறள் - அறத்துப்பால், பொருட்பால் - விளக்கவுரை

Thiruvalluvar, a sage of yore and a great poet has gifted to this world, Thirukkural, a treasure house of wisdom. The verses are in couplets carrying the message to mankind about life and its purpose. This book commentary by Paranjothi Gnanaoli Mahan, a master piece, brings out the spiritual meaning of the intricate couplets in a lucid style. The author's explanations emphasize that life becomes meaningful when one finds and secures the inner peace attained through his intellect.

Naan Kadavul Ennum Agandakara Thatthuvam

நான் கடவுள் எனும் அகண்டாகார தத்துவம்

Naan Kadavul Ennum Agandakara Thatthuvam is a book commentary by Gnanaoli Mahan on Naan - Kadavul (I-GOD), a spiritual treatise and the Quintessence of all Vedas, gifted by His Holiness Paranjothi Mahan. This book gives a simple and complete explanation of 'I-God' after a detailed and thorough research based on the author's own experience.

Avani Mudhal Aandavan Varai

அவனி முதல் ஆண்டவன் வரை

This book reveals the profound spiritual knowledge of Paranjothi Gnanaoli Mahan. It talks about the Primordial Substrate and the process of evolution. No forms can exist without the Almighty. All forms are but density of atoms. The author has adopted a scientific approach to explain the evolution of the Universe as a manifestation of the Supreme. In this connection, one has to ponder over the Mahaavaakya that ‘An attempt to introspect the atom will lead to the source, the Almighty’.

Aalayam Thozhuvadhu Saalavum Nandru

ஆலயம் தொழுவது சாலவும் நன்று

The title of the book is a Mahaavaakya gifted by the great saintess of South India, Avvaiyar. Paranjothi Gnanaoli Mahan has elucidated this Mahaavaakya in detail. One has to inquire and comprehend the inner meaning of his explanations. By reading this book, one will be able to appreciate the significance of temples and the various rituals performed there. A deeper analysis will reveal that the Deity that resides in the sanctorum of the temple symbolises the Divine that dwells in the bodily shrine. It is for this reason that the author insists the necessity of worshipping one’s own body as the shrine of Almighty than searching elsewhere.



The great saying 'Arutperumjothi Arutperumjothi Thanipperum Karunai Arutperumjothi' is that of Sri Ramalinga Adigalar, one of the greatest saints and a tamil poet of the 19th century. The profound meaning of the great saying that runs through the pages of this book is the outcome of the rich spiritual experience of the author. The essence of this book is that all forms manifest, sustain and merge with Paranjothi, The Absolute.

Thiruvempaavai - Discourses

திருவெம்பாவை - சொற்பொழிவுகள்

This book is a compilation of the discourses of Paranjothi Gnanaoli Mahan on the 20 verses of Thiruvempaavai, a composition by the Saint Manickavasagar. The book talks of the prominence of Marghazhi. During this month the Divine Grace showered upon earth is at its peak. Throughout the book, the author emphasises the rarity of human birth and how mankind alone, among all forms, is endowed with the capability to attain salvation.

Gayatri Mandiram

காயத்ரி மந்திரம்

Gayatri Mantra is superior to all hymns. This was graced by Vishwamitra, a great king who by virtue of his determination renounced his kingdom and undertook the spiritual pursuit. The Upanishads contain several references to this highly sacred mantra. The central point of this mantra is 'Savitu' which means The Supreme One, that manifests as all forms. In this book, the author stresses that mere chanting of hymns is purposeless; to meditate on this 'Savitu' is the highest pursuit one can adopt.


Brahma Gnana Deepam

Brahma Gnana Deepam is a monthly magazine brought out by the Ashram. The magazine carries the Divine messages of Paranjothi Mahan, Swamiji and other seers. Also published are experiences shared by fellow disciples, value based stories for children, guidelines for healthy living and more.
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Paranjothi Mahanum Pazhamperum Gnaniyarum

பரஞ்ஜோதி மகானும் பழம்பெரும் ஞானியரும்

Through these CDs Gnanathanthai Paranjothi Gnanaoli Mahan declares to the world that Inventor of the simplified Kundalini meditation Jegath Maha Guru Paranjothi Mahan's Principles of evolution of the Eternity and the philosophies of our (g) olden India's other worshipful saints are nothing but similar like the voice of all wolfs through His descriptive explanations.