About us

To understand one's true nature, enhance the potentials and apply them in daily routine, fulfill the essentials and lead a contented life

Our Vision

The aim is to make the world an everlasting garden of peace by the 25th century. PeaceThe way to attain this is to ensure that each and every individual lives with love and unity with themselves and whomsoever they come in contact with.
In our journey towards this aim, it is important that we understand the goal of human life which is to attain everlasting peace and good health. The only way to achieve this twin objective is to ensure that we develop subtle and critical intellect. Our Ashram is fully engaged in the service of helping people achieve this keen-edged thinking through the practice of meditation.
Paranjothi Mahan simplified the meditation technique which can be practized by people from all walks of life.
It is proved beyond doubt and from time immemorial that if each one of us in this world practice meditation, he or she will be the messiah of love and unity within the family and outside. Love and unity will flourish and people will live without the slightest difference in caste, religion, rich or poor.

Gnanaoli Mahan

SwamijiA 90 year old seer, Paranjothi Gnanaoli Mahan is a direct disciple of Gnanavallal Paranjothi Mahan. He got initiated in 1963 and from then on, has been working tirelessly for the spiritual upliftment of the people.
In 1965, he set up his ashram in Erode and propagated the teachings of His Holiness Paranjothi Mahan in his own inimitable style - humble and unassuming.
His Holiness Paranjothi Gnanaoli Mahan was born on March 21, 1929 in a well-to-do family in Erode.
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Paranjothi Mahan

Jegat Maha Guru Gnanavallal Paranjothi Mahan was born on May 2, 1903 at 8.30 pm in a small village in Kansapuram, part of Virudhunagar district, Srivilliputhur in Tamil Nadu.
On Nov 11, 1911 at 11:00 am he witnessed a public celebration in his native place which kindled the desire to see God. His longing for God made him observe several practices (fasting, chanting, etc) till 1938. Finally, his thirst for Almighty led him to a Guru who initiated him on Jan 7, 1938. At that moment indeed he blossomed as Primordial Lord (Paranjothi). In 1939 he returned to India and stayed at Madurai and started initiating people.
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When the human (Jivan), that is the Spirit (Jiv-Atma) attains its natural state of eternal peace, then the human will live with love and unity with all. This is the significance of our emblem.
ஆ - ஆன்மிகமே
உ - உலகை
ச - சமாதானமாக்கும்
"ஆன்மிகமே உலகை சமாதானமாக்கும்"
"Spiritualism indeed renders Universal Peace"


The ashram flag has a green background with a white circle in the centre. The white colour represents the Sun and green represents plants and the food obtained from them. The radiant energy from the Sun is responsible for rain and the greenery which in turn sustains all life forms including the harmless cow and the poisonous snake.
Similarly, administrators in rule should be righteous with a pure heart, unbiased like the Sun and ensure even distribution of all essentials to the people.
It was His Holiness Paranjothi Mahan who designed the flag. The flag was first hoisted by Gnanaoli Mahan in the Holy presence of his Master. This noteworthy event took place at Erode ashram on Nov 11, 1979 during the 'Dawn of Wisdom day' celebrations.