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Paranjothi Gnanaoli Peedam @ Universal Peace Sanctuary was founded by Paranjothi Gnanaoli Mahan in the year 1965. The ashram has its headquarters at Erode with branches spread across Coimbatore, Salem, Kolathur, Dharapuram, Cuddalore and Trichy. 
Paranjothi Gnanaoli Mahan was a direct disciple of Gnanavallal Paranjothi Mahan. He got initiated in 1963 and from then on, has been working tirelessly for the spiritual upliftment of the people.
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The Eternal Self indeed is God. The Self is the only One that remains in the past, present and future. The identity of the God is eternal, immutable, immortal, and infinitive.
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Kundalini Meditation

Gnana Vallal Paranjothi Mahan is a great exponent of the Kundalini Yoga and the preceptor of the Universal Peace Sanctuary. Through his intense meditation, research and experience, he has evolved a unique method of 'initiation' and practice of this yoga.

It is important to note here that in the ancient system, Kundalini Yoga was practised only by seers who had renounced the world. However, Paranjothi Mahan known for his immeasurable compassion to humanity has simplified the method of Kundalini Meditation to reach the common man.
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