Kundalini Meditation

Gnana Vallal Paranjothi Mahan is a great exponent of the Kundalini Yoga and the preceptor of the Universal Peace Sanctuary. Through his intense meditation, research and experience, he has evolved a unique method of 'initiation' and practice of this yoga.
It is important to note here that in the ancient system, Kundalini Yoga was practised only by seers who had renounced the world. However, Paranjothi Mahan known for his immeasurable compassion to humanity has simplified the method of Kundalini Meditation to reach the common man.
This meditation can be practised by the disciple without having to deviate from his day-to-day life pattern. Invaluable benefits such as peace of mind and sound health will certainly be enjoyed by a disciple who observes the instruction of the Master and practises meditation regularly with devotion and dedication.
Oh! Fellowmen from various walks of life! All are welcome to be benefitted by this meditation with the Holy Blessings of Guru Mahan.


  • Peace of mind
  • Sound health
  • Determined Spirit
  • Courage
  • Unshakable self-confidence
  • Sharp memory power
  • Sound sleep
  • Ability to solve problems
  • Adaptablity
  • Unbiased judgement
  • A sense of awareness born out of wisdom
  • Harmony in life
  • Unyielding to senses
  • Self-realisation